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Owned and Operated by Robert L. Edinger

Regal Dog Boxes are built in Ohio with pride by Bob and Darlene Edinger. Just look at our features or check out a box at one of our dealers closest to you. Our aluminum has a corner interlocking system that no other dog box on the market uses. This adds to the strength, and there is no corner moldings that will come off with in a few months. THIS LOCKING SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY WATERPROOF.

They are entirely insulated with three quarter inch poly foam insulation. Which keeps the box cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Quarter inch luan is used for the lid and walls of top-storage boxes.

.040 Gauge Aluminum is used for the exterior of the box. Vents are standard on every box made.

Full storage, three quarter storage, and non-storage dog boxes are available.

We use one inch, and one and a quarter screws; no staples. The screws are stainless steel to provide you with a longer lasting, better looking Regal Dog Box.

Storage Small Truck:
38" wide by 42" deep by 27" high

The doors and vents are protected with awnings.

Half inch treated plywood is used for the floor on all boxes.

Twenty eight pound compressed shocks are standard on all boxes with top storage.

Storage Full Size Truck:
46" wide by 42" deep by 27" high

For an additional fee, we can custom paint a dog box to match the color of a vehicle. There are twelve different colors to choose from:

· Black
· Tan
· Maroon
· Gray
· Ivory
· Huron Blue


· Brown
· Silver
· Green
· Red
· White
· Pepsi Blue

Shipping is at a discount!

We also custom build boxes along with dog houses with the same material and style as our dog boxes.

Full Size: 46" wide by 42" deep by 23' high
Small-Size: 38" wide by 42" deep by 23' high

Dog House:
36" wide by 24" deep by 26" high
Whelping Box:
36" wide by 40" deep by 26" high

Fenderwell models built to fit your truck !

Dealer Inquiry Welcome!

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